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5 Effective Tips to Fix Computer Crashing Problem Easily

Following some simple steps and using built-in utilities on your Windows system, you can fix the system crash issue effortlessly. We have discussed some of these useful steps in this article for quick and reliable results. Here is 5 5 Effective Tips about How to Fix Computer Crashing Problem Easily.

How to Fix Computer Crashing Problem

How to Fix Computer Crashing Problem: 5 Yet Effective Tips here:

Deal with Heating Problem:

Your system components generate heat when you actively use them. Despite there remain some measures like fan etc. to reduce the heating impact in the system. Still there come times when your system crashes as a last resort to avoid permanent heat damage. There remain various reasons that cause heat issue on your system that includes fan not working properly, power issue, filters are obstructed with dust, vents are not in good shape or are not working, and other reasons.


To deal with heat issue, start with an inspection of your system components and check whether they are working well or not. Check heat is dispersed efficiently by a fan, fan is in good shape, vents are working, the power connection is right etc. Next is to clean your system from dirt & dust. To do this, use compressed air to clean system internal parts. Avoid applying liquid or solvent liquid directly to internal parts. Manage wiring and other parts like plugs, knobs & turns etc.

Use Disk Cleanup Utility:

Disk Cleanup utility comes as a built-in tool on all Windows versions to help you find and clean all junk files on your system. It helps your recover chunks of disk space to offer your seamless system performance. As one possible reason behind system crashing is considered to be cluttered and unorganized disk space then using this utility helps you fix the issue effortlessly. It helps you find and clean various junk files on your system including temporary internet files, thumbnails, temporary files, log files, system error dump files and much more. To use this utility on your Windows system, follow these steps.

• Open Start menu and search & select “disk cleanup”.
• Now on pop-up window, select the drive you want to clean.
• Once Disk Cleanup window is open, select the files & folders you want to delete.
• Press Ok to simply delete the selected items.

Apart from deleting junk files, you can use Disk Cleanup utility to find and clean all old & obsolete system files. To do this, simply press the “Clean up system files” button in the bottom-left corner. This utility works as a best PC cleaner solution for your system and helps you fix computer crashing problem. Get 10 Best Free PC Optimizer 2018 here to speed up your Computer and stop computer crashing problem.

Defragment Disk:

Fragmented disk space causes system crash apart from other performance issues. Microsoft offers disk defragmentation utility built-in on all Windows versions. This built-in utility helps you defrag your hard drive space by managing data on it. It is also useful to boost your system performance. To use this utility on Windows 7, open Start menu and search & select “disk defragmenter” to open the tool. Select the drive you want to defrag under Current Status and tap on “Defragment Disk” button.
To defrag disk on Windows 10, search “optimize” or “defrag” to open Optimize Drives window. Here, searching “disk defragmenter” will also help you to open the Optimize Drives window. Now on Optimize Drives window, choose the drive you wish to defrag and tap on Optimize button. Once it displays 0% fragmented, consider your drive has been optimized and defragmented.

Install Reputable Security Suite:

Virus on your system may cause system crash or irregular performance issues. If you see sudden crashes, unwanted pop-ups, slower than expected speed or other issues then check if your system is infected with virus threat. To avoid this issue, keep your system security program up-to-date. Scan your system with reputable security suite on regular intervals. Keep system Firewall up-to-date to avoid threats coming through online activities. These simple steps will help you find solution to system crash problem. Get Top 10 Antivirus Software 2018 here.

Update Drivers:

Outdated drivers cause various system issues including system crash. To avoid this situation, keep your system drivers up-to-date by following these steps.

• Go to Start menu and search “device manager” in Run dialog box.
• Select “Device Manager” from given options.
• Now on Device Manager window, choose the category that you want to update driver for.
• Right-click on the category and select “Update driver software” option.
Here, you will find two options:
• First “Search automatically for updated driver software” that helps you update your system drivers automatically.
• Second, it asks you to browse location of a driver under “Browse my computer for driver software” option.

You can Also get 10 Best Free Driver Updater 2018 Software here.


Windows offers various useful utilities to help you fix all performance issues seamlessly including system crash problem. Using above mentioned steps, you can instantly fix system crash problem and improve system performance. It will help you avoid installing any third-party software to fix the problem.

Summary: Following some simple steps and built-in utilities on your Windows system, you can fix the system crash issue effortlessly. Let’s discuss some of these steps here in this article.


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