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5 Best Screenshot App for Android Phone /Tablets

Are you looking for 7 Best Screenshot App for Android Phone /Tablets? You need to read out this article first to last. After finished, you will get an idea about 7 best Screenshot Apps for Phone /Tablets. Let us know more about this 7 Best Screenshot App for Tablets /Phone.

Best Screenshot App for Android

7 Best Screenshot App for Android Phone:

Most of the smartphones now offer you to take screenshot by using Third party apps. It includes many other amazing function. So let us know more about Screenshot apps.

#01. Screenshot Easy:

Screenshot Easy  includes some wonderful functions. You can take screenshot by using overlay button, the button in the notification or by shaking your device.

Screenshot Easy

You can crop your screenshots by using this app and convert them into a ZIP file. You can also edit the colors and includes time and date stamps. Images will be saved as PNG or JPG format.

Here is download link

#02. Super Screenshot:

Super screen shot does not include ads and it is very easy to use. You can also crop screenshot before saving them to memory. Besides, you can resize your screenshot, scribble on them. You can add new text and can add a various filter on your screenshot. You can download this app from the following link.

Super Screenshot

Super Screenshot Download link

#03. Screen Grabber:

Screen Grabber another screenshot apps that focuses more on the sharing ability of screenshots. By using this app you can send map or direction to your friends.

Screen Grabber

You can take your Android device screenshot with a single click. Send an email of your screenshot to anyone and anywhere and anytime.

Screen Grabber apps also store all your screenshot. You can take a screenshot of your Photos, maps, tools, contacts, address and more. It is very easy to use.

Screen Grabber Download link

#04. Screen Capture:

Screen Capture not only capture your Android screen but also record your Android screen. It provides you with screencasting, quick solution and also editing your images that you took earlier. Besides, it includes easy and light options for users who want to better screenshot features. You can also take your screen shot on your tablet by using this app. You can also share these images with your friends via facebook, twitter, Gmail and more.

Screen Capture

You need to push “Power” and “Volume-Down” buttons at the same times within 2 seconds. Screen Capture are saved to SD card. It will capture the screen with Android 4.0 or higher.

Screen Capture download link here

#05. Screen Ultimate:

Screen Ultimate offers you to a number of options to improve the image. It includes a good and well developer editor.

By using this app you can take screenshot easily on your Android device. You can also take your screen shot on your tablet by using this app.

Screen Ultimate

By using editor features of this app you can draw, add text, add color to your images. You can also share these images with your friends via facebook, twitter, email and more.

screen capture

#06. Dolphin Screen Cut:

Dolphin Screen Cut is a simple and convenient screenshot app that will help you to take any kind of capture. Lets us know some features of this app.

Dolphin Screen Cut

  1. It provides the simple and clean interface that helps you to take screenshot and drawing, doodle over the screenshot.
  2. Support all screen capture mode.
  3. Provides Captures editor features. You can use pencil draw, add text, add color to your images.
  4. You can share your screenshot with your friends via Facebook, twitter, email and more.
  5. No root is needed.
  6. Screenshot will be saved in your SD card or photo gallery in JPG format.

screen capture

#07. Screenshot Capture Recorder:

Screenshot Capture Recorder is the simple and easiest app to capture edit and share your screenshot with your friends and family members. Let’s go forward to know some features of Screenshot Capture Recorder app below:

Screenshot Capture Recorder

  1. You can capture your images by the using triggers such as shake device, overlay button, buttons combo, and notification.
  2. It allows you to edit your screenshot by cropping, freehand drawing, text stickers, and image filters.
  3. It provides screen recording features that help you to record everything that displayed on your mobile screen as a video.
  4. You can cut you important part of your recording videos and you can also capture any web page into a high-quality image.

Note: You need to keep in mind that shake device, overlay button, notification; screen recording features are only available on android 5.0 and higher or rooted devices.

screen capture

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