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How to Record Gameplay on Android Phone 2020

Looking for the best way to record gameplay on Android Phone/Tablets Easily? Here is the best ways to take record gameplay on Android Phone. You need to know How to Record Gameplay on Android Phone? Because it’s hard to decide which way is the best for you? In this article, we are going to talk you through the methods. So, read the article carefully and find out the best ways to record screen on android. Let’s start the review.

How to Record Gameplay on Android

There are many game recording app in the market. Let’s know about some of them.

#01. Google Play Games:

Google Play Games not only view your mobile gaming profile but also recording your screen android screen functionality. Let us know more about this screen.

Google Play Games

  1. Google Play Games not only view your mobile gaming profile but also recording your screen android screen functionality.
  2. Google Play Games record your best gaming moments and you can share with your friends.
  3. You can record in 720p or 480p with Google Play Games.

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Now you can easily record your gameplay on your Android device. You can record your gameplay by using Google play games. You can record your gameplay by the following ways:

How to Record Gameplay on Android with Google Play Games:

  1. At first you have to open the Play Games app.
  2. Then you will select a game to open the game details page.
  3. When you will see the top of the game details page, touch the record icon.
  4. When you will have selected your desired video quality setting. You can record in 480p SD or 720p HD.
  5. It will work on your device’s available storage space now you can enjoy show you the maximum video length that you can record.
  6. Press the Launch to start your game. You will see a floating video bubble appear with recording settings.
  7. You need to touch the record icon.
  8. After a 3-second countdown, your recording will start

#02. AZ Screen Recorder:

AX Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recording apps on Android phone. It’s one of those “it just works” kinds of apps. You need to just open it up. It will start the recording, and then it will save when you are finished. It also doesn’t include watermarks, advertising, or time limits. So you can also pause the recording as you want. You can also edit your recording video just you want. It’s free to use.

AZ Screen Recorder

Price is Free / Paid version is $3.00

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#03. Game Recorder+:

You can share Record and share your greatest gaming moments with Game Recorder+, the best game recording application for your GALAXY!

  • Your own game video: It is easy to way to capture your game play and face-cam commentary with a single touch on the record button.
  • Noise-free game adio: You can easily record game audio directly from the source without any background noises. (Only supported in GALAXY S6 / S6 Edge)
  • No more sluggish moments: It will provide the “Game Boost” feature that it will optimize the system memory on the get-go, providing the best gaming and recording experience.

Game Recorder+

Game Recorder+ ways to record a game in the following two ways:

1. Recording via Game Recorder+

1) At first, you have to Press the red Record button at the bottom of the Home screen.
2) Then select the game that you want to record from among the games installed and run the game.
3) After playing the game, press the Record button to start recording the section that you want to record.
4) So you need to Press the Record button again to end recording.

2. Recording directly Within the Game:

If you set ‘ON’ in Settings > Quick record (set by default), the Record button will appear automatically every time you run the game so that you can record it.

Price is free

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#04. REC Screen Recorder HD:

REC Screen Recorder PRO is perfect for gamers who want to record their gaming sessions and want to create tutorial videos. You will find our screen recorder app very useful to create an app video recording for their apps. You can also chat face to face with your friends or family and want to record it to replay it later? You will get the best tons of other situations where REC Screen Recorder PRO can help you.

REC Screen Recorder HD

Features at a glance:

  • Easy to Stop being tied to your computer while you are recording.
  • Get the best Screen and audio recording for up to one hour, which is longer than other similar recording apps.
  • Easy to Record audio with your device’s built-in microphone.
  • Enjoy the Top of the line user interface that focuses on good user experience
  • Set up your preferred configurations once and save them to Presets so you don’t have to repeat the process every time you want to record your screen. its an android screen recorder with internal audio recording functionality.

Price is free.

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Hopefully, you read the article to know how to Record Gameplay on Android Phone. Now it’s time to choose the best way for you and you know that which way one will provide the best service for you. Choose and enjoy it. Thanks for enjoying it.

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