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Norton 360 VS Norton Security 2020

When it comes to protecting your Windows PC, a security suite program is needed. The need of a security suite is increasing with time and it becomes the essential part of any operating system. It continuously monitoring your system and alerts you when a virus is detected.

It protects you from various types of unwanted threats, viruses, malwares, Trojans, spyware etc.  The major purpose to install a security suite into computer system is to protect important data, files and information and to secure it from any illegal use. In below, there is a comparison between Norton 360 VS Norton Security 2020.

Norton 360 Vs Norton Security

Norton 360 VS Norton Security Comparison 2020: Which is the best?

Norton 360 Feature:

Norton 360: Norton 360 Multi-Device Internet Security Software protects one device for one year. It offers Identity Safe features to remember and secure your password. It also has located a stolen phone feature allows you to pinpoint the device on a map, identity scams and it ensures your children can’t exposed to wrong material.

You can optimize your computer performance by removing unnecessary files, freeing up memory and defragging the hard drive. It offers various protection include web browsing protection, parental controls, web browsing protection and spam protection. Norton 360 has Proactive Performance Alerts option to let you know which applications causing slowdowns. It is compatible with PC, Mac, iOs and Android platforms.

Norton Security 2017: Norton Security 2017 combines all security suites into 1 package so that users can get a powerful security suite. Norton offers some new features that make it a formidable product against dangerous online threats. There is a password manager to protect your identity and personal information and login details.

It stores your password, usernames, address, email addresses and credit cards securely so that it will not need to be entered every time you visit a secure website. Norton Security has Parental Controls to protect children from online dangers. When children may be unsupervised on the internet, it can limit computer usage during times. 2-way Firewall is used to prevent unauthorized outside access and can also detect suspicious outgoing activity.


Norton 360: Norton 360 has easy to use and friendly interface. It has easy to use and clean home screen to let you know how well your computer is being protected. Its interface is categorized into 4 sections such as PC Tune up, Identity Protection, PC Security and Backup. There is a horizontally scrollable list in the bottom of the home screen where you will get Mobile, Manage, Zone, Studio and Family Pages.

Norton Security 2020: Norton Security has new modern and clean interface. It is an easy-to-use and powerful all-in-one security suite. It is one of the easiest to use security suite for both beginners and professionals. There is combination of color in buttons including yellow, black, white and gold so that people can squint to get a proper look.


Norton 360: Unlike other software’s, Norton 360 has a firewall which does not constantly bother users with pop-up messages. To determine which programs are secured to access the network, there is a large database of known applications. Firewall’s default settings can automate the majority of network security.

Norton 360 internet 2016

It has lots of configuration options like the ability to block for specific applications who want more control. Norton 360’s Antispam support only for Windows Mail, Outlook 2002 or later and Outlook Express 6.0 or later. The parental controls of Norton 360 are looking good but they are not fully featured. It offers various protections include Real Time Protection to scan your computer, Boot Time Protection to enable the appropriate drivers and plug-ins and SONAR Protection.

Norton Security 2017: Symantec Norton Security offers effective, comprehensive security and protecting up to five Windows, OS, Mac, Android or iOS devices. It provides website rankings for each URL in your web searches. By scanning your Facebook and Instant Messaging link, it provides protection to your PC from malware threats.

Norton Security 2016

So, you can click on images, videos and links on facebook and other social media sites. Parental controls are the best feature of Norton Security. It has been significantly improved the SONAR behavioral based protection engine with next generation technology and clean up technology. Norton Security 2017 has new next Gen Anti-malware engine and offers real-time protection against threats. It can reduce definition files by 80%.

It also has an advanced repair capabilities which are able to repair Windows system files that have been infected or broken by malware. To protect social engineering attacks, Norton has improved smart browser defense. It always alerts you about the harmful and unstable applications before you install them and protects you from these dangerous applications. It has enhanced browser protection so you will get faster browsing speed.


Norton 360: Norton 360 has Backup default settings to create copies of files and folders which are commonly backed up like My Documents. You can easily specify which files and folders will be backed up. Norton 360 has Phishing Protection which keeps safe users from giving out sensitive information like passwords.

Norton 360 2016

It continuously monitors browsing sessions in real time which is checking through a database of known phishing websites. While storing passwords, who want to keep their information safes, there is a Password Manager for users. There is an Identity Safe Stores and encrypts log-in information to ensure users about keeping safe their password. Norton 360 has PC Tune up menu that has diagnostic report, disk optimizer, disk clean-up and start-up manager.

Norton Security 2017:

Norton Internet Security 2016

Norton security 2017’s user interface is easy enough to use for the most part. To increase the efficiency of their program, Norton has taken some steps. In the latest version, it has added some new features for better performance include password manage, network monitor, spam filter, form filter and bootable disc repair. Norton security 2017 is now integrated power eraser.


Norton 360: The price of Norton 360 is at $49.99 per year for 1 device.

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Norton Security 2017: The price of Norton Security 2017 is at $39.99 (20% off) for Standard Edition and 30 day money back guarantee.

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Which is better  Norton Security VS Norton 360 2017? Let’s take a look:

As Norton 360 and Norton Security 2017 both of the programs have been rated among the highest Security suites available, so this is very difficult comparison.

Norton 360 is normal computer security software. It can backup your important file on 2GB cloud storage or DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. It maintains a monthly log of the file backups, detected malicious software and tune-up tasks. But Norton security 2017 has better virus detection and the level of protection than Norton 360. The cons of Norton Security 2017 are the lack of an upgrade option from existing security software.

If you want to use much software for malware protection and PC maintenance, then you can use Norton 360 software. If you don’t want to spend the extra money and want to do the housekeeping tasks manually, then you should use Norton Security 2017. If you think any other security program which is better than this one, you can give suggestion in below.


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