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How to Retrieve Data from Broken iPhone

Is your iPhone is completely destroyed? And, there is no way to repair it? Now, what can you do? The data in your iPhone is very important which you want no matter what. How to Retrieve Data from Broken iPhone? In below, I discuss with 2 procedures by which you can retrieve data from your broken iPhone.

How to Retrieve Data from Broken iPhone?

How to Retrieve Data from Broken iPhone

#01. Recover Data on Broken iPhone from iTunes Backup:

Step 01: Choose the backup and also extract it:

Once you’ve installed it, launch the program on your computer at first. Then from the top of the primary window, go to “Recover from iTunes Backup Files” where you will find all iTunes backup files on your computer. Then, choose one of them and click on the “Start Scan” button. Then it will start scanning and also at the same time extracting the backup files.

Backup And Also Extract It

Step 02: Preview and also recover whatever you want from the backup:

When the scan stops then you can all of the data in the backup such as contacts, messages, call log, photos, notes and more. You can get them all back with just one click.

Preview And Also Recover

#02. Recover Broken iPhone Data from iCloud Backup:

Step 01: Download and also extract the iCloud backup:

From the top of the program’s primary window, at first switch the option of “Recover from iCloud Backup files”. Then inserting the Apple ID and Password, you can sign in you iCloud account. There you can see all of the backup files in your iCloud. Then choose any of them and download it with just one click. Then you can extract it. Read Also:Top 10 best iphone browser 2020.

Download And Also Extract The iCloud Backup

Step 02: Preview and also recover data on your Broken iPhone from iCloud backup:

After the extract your all of the files then you can preview all data in your iCloud backup file such as messages, contacts, photos, calendars and more. After that, you can recover any of them. Read Also: best antivirus for iphone.

Recover Data on Your Broken iPhone From iCloud Backup

If you want to retrieve your data, follow any of the procedure carefully. If you want to know anything or have any confusion, please let us know. How to Retrieve Data from Broken iPhone?

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