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Bitdefender Mobile Security Premium Key Full Version

Bitdefender mobile security premium key is available for free 6 months. You have no need to use any crack or illegal process to get it. You are the right place to get the serial key legally. Bitdefender provides world’s best security service to computer users and also for smartphone.

If you check the history of modern antivirus then Bitdefender is the leading security solution in the industry. Here you can know about the security protection of Bitdefender for mobile devices and the legal process to grab free 6 months’ license key. So let’s go for it.

Bitdefender Mobile Security Premium Key

Is Bitdefender Mobile Security Number One Security Software?

In the AV test of July 2020, it was scored 6 points out of 6 and took the top place of the mobile security industry. In 2020 and till present it keeps the position up and providing best security solution service. So, we can definitely say that Bitdefender mobile security is the number one mobile security software. You are also going to get the Bitdefender mobile security premium key from this article. So, cheers up!

Bitdefender Mobile Security

The Key Features Of Bitdefender Mobile Security:

Malware Scanner: This application has auto pilot mode that can scan your phone and SD-card for the malware including the installed applications. Every time, a new application is going to install the software will check it as well. After detection, it takes proper action against all the unwanted threads and malware.

Wear On: It’s a new technology that gives all the smartphone a new smart security layer.

Web Security: The web security feature will help to protect your smartphone from phishing contents and malware while you use internet. This tool only works in default browser and google chrome.

Privacy Advisor: This tool helps to check the privacy score of your device. It runs a scan to everything in your device and as a result shows a score. If the score is less than your device has less privacy.

Anti-Theft: This feature helps to track your device if it is stolen or lost. It works like a mobile tracker and you can track your device where it is.

App Lock:If you want to setup a pin to running an app than this feature is very important and takes care of highly important security of your device.

How To Get Bitdefender Mobile Security Premium Key?

Normally, the price for the software is 9.99$ for every year but if you follow our special giveaway then you will get 6 months free that you can save almost 5$. So, let’s know the steps to get it.

Step 1: At first you need to visit the promo page by clicking here.

Step 2: This webpage is in Italian version, so you may translate it using google translate.

Step 3: Enter all the required information and go forward.

Step 4: In a few minutes, you will get the premium key to your email.

Thanks for staying with us. Hopefully, Bitdefender Mobile Security article will help you so much. For more updates please stay tuned.

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