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10 Best Karaoke App for Android Free 2018

You can enjoy a fresh and enjoyable karaoke experience in your smartphones or tablet computers which is used an android operating system. You will just need a karaoke app to run karaoke files on your android. Here I will tell you about the top ten best karaoke app for android free. If you are looking for the best karaoke app for android 2018, then this article will help you a lot.  You will find both free and paid karaoke apps from this list.

Best Karaoke App for Android Free

Top 10 best Karaoke App for Android 2018 Free:

#10. Kids Karaoke:

It is a multilingual sing along android karaoke app for kids as well as youngers who want to learn nursery rhymes. You will find there the most internationally known nursery rhymes. It is a well built app that contains the best quality graphics and background. It is a very beautiful app for your kids that attrackt them a lot.

Kids Karaoke 2016

It has an excellent user friendly interface that is very easy to use. You will also find here a record feature that helps you to record your kids work and replay it later to show them. It is a very funny and learning app for your kids.

Price: It is totally free of cost.

Download Kids Karaoke from here.

#9. Sing! Karaoke:

It is an amazing karaoke app for the android users. It is full of very excellent features. It provides a video enhancer technology that makes your voice sound better and studio kind. It has a sharing feature that lets you save and store your work and share them publicly on various social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.

Sing Karaoke 2016

It offers a self recording option with video. This app allows you to sing like a star with audio effects. You can get another facility from this app that now it supports duet mode. It provides a vast catalog of songs. You can choose and select your favourite songs from various genres.

Price: Free.

Download Sing! Karaoke from here.

#8. Red Karaoke Sing & Record:

It is a free android karaoke app that allows you to record your own voice when you sing on audio or video. It lets you an option to choose among 70000+ karaoke songs sing along  and record. It also allows you to share your videos and get fans. It also lets you sing duets and record them.

Red Karaoke Sing & Record 2016

You can add sound effects with this software to your record songs and music that help you to improve your voice and much more. It provides you a better audio quality, improved sync and balance tools to edit recordings. It also lets you save a copy of your private videos in your Android Gallery.

Price: Free.

Download Red Karaoke Sing & Record from here.

#7. StarMaker:

It is one of the best free karaoke apps for android that allow you to you sing, record and share your own music videos. With this software you can discover yourself as a music star. It lets you sing and record covers of top hit charts. It helps you to select from a vast and growing library of popular song backing tracks and lyrics.

StarMaker 2016

It can be able to record with real time Auto Tune and pro FX that help you to make sounds like a star. It lets you an option to share your music videos on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks and showcases your talents and join a community of artists.

Price: Free.

Download StarMaker from here.

#6. Mini Karaoke:

It is a free karaoke app that is the first karaoke player in the mobile world. It uses MP3 format sound track. You don’t need to search in the web for the special KTV song formats or for the lyrics as it will settle everything for you. It not only displays the lyrics but also shows word to word timing that has to flow with the track. It lets you record a song as well as your own voice.

Mini Karaoke 2016

It also converts the recorded wav files into mp3 format. It also provides other features such as karaoke related vocal removal, lyrics download, microphone input, playback options and many more.

Price: Free.

Download Mini Karaoke from here.

#5. Karaoke Sing and Record:

It is a free karaoke app for android that allows you to sing songs with YouTube, show off your own voice and let you inner star shine. You can find songs which are sung by your favourite artists by browsing through an endless catalogue of music videos from a vast genres and themes.

Karaoke Sing and Record 2016

You can record your own vocal track as you sing along to your chosen song lyrics. It also offers you several special effects like echo and reverb to add on your record. It also connects you with your friends on many social medias to listen to their performances and share your own. Read Also: Top 10 Best Karaoke Website to Sing Karaoke Online Free.

Price: Free.

Download Mini Karaoke from here.

#4. Karaoke Live MIDI player:

It is a karaoke software for android that includes one of the best MIDI player. It supports LiveMIDI, MIDI, KAR files with consistent sound quality across your devices. It offers your various features that are very convenient for you. It provides Pitch perfect key change for any song, +8 to -8. You can mute and solo channels. It also provides tempo changes on the fly.


You can also tweak channel volume/ gain with settings. It displays scrolling or fewer lines karaoke lyrics with background pictures. You can also browse files through filesystem and ZIP archives, folder and zip-context. It also provides Wi-Fi and web based remote control.

Price: It will cost you $5.46.

Download Mini Karaoke from here.

#3. Karaoke-Sing Me:

It is a karaoke app for android that lets you having fun with your favourite songs. It allows you to play most of the common Karaoke formats MIDI, Kar, CD+G, MP3+G, MP3+LRC. It provides an automatic search for LRC file on the web.

Karaoke-Sing Me 2016

You can find here various MIDI tools. It allows you to create or edit playlists. Using the Artist, Album or Genre filters, you can browse all of your media files in this software. Depending on your Android version,  You can open zip files in the Karaoke Archieve. It supports cloud services to access your online karaoke file folders. You can personalize the lyrics font and playback background with a predefined theme, one or more images from your SD card.

Price: It will cost you $1.64.

Download Mini Karaoke from here.

#2. Disney Karaoke: Frozen:

It is an excellent karaoke app for android that offers you various interesting features and lets you having fun. It allows you to sing along with your favourite frozen songs, record your own voice with the original instrumental tracks and create a gallery of your performances.

Disney Karaoke 2016

You can be able to find here 9 songs from the original Frozen soundtrack. It takes music videos directly from the movie and follows the lyrics with a frozen snowflake. You can listen to the vocal performances and mute the voices to sing through this app. It also allows you to save your own recordings to a built-in video gallery.

Price: It will cost you $7.99.

Download Mini Karaoke from here.

#1. UlduzSoft:

It is a karaoke software that offers the most featured complete karaoke player. Including CD+G. UltraStar, LRC, KOK, KFN, PowerKaraoke text files and KAR/ MIDI with embedded lyrics, it supports all popular karaoke formats. It provides a powerful collection management that supports multiple karaoke collections both local and remote.

UlduzSoft 2016

It also offers an impressive lyrics customization option that lets you change all attributes for the text lyrics from font sizes to colors. It also allows you to select the background image from your gallery. It provides a different layout which needs the large screens for this it is specially developed for the tablet users.

Price: Free. You can buy its license key at $19.99.

Download Mini Karaoke from here.

Visit: Karaoke Android App Wiki. Those was the top 10 Karaoke android app of 2018 you can use to sing karaoke song online Free.

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