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10 Best Free PDF To Word Converter 2017

There is lots of PDF to word converter software available but it’s hard to decide which one is the best.After a long research, we have made a list of top 10 best free PDF to Word Converter 2017 for Windows. PDF is the contraction for “Portable Document Format”. It is one of most popular file format developed almost two decades ago by Adobe system Inc. Everybody needs to convert a PDF document for various tasks.  When any PDF documents need to be converted to word format, a PDF converter can come in handy. PDF to word converter allows you to edit, convert and re-format. A PDF to Word converter provides you an easy access with lots of feature and many more.

Best Free PDF To Word Converter 2017

Top 10 Best PDF to Word Converter 2017 Software for Windows and Mac:

#1. UniPDF Converter:

UniPDF Converter is most widely used free PDF to Word file converter. UniPDF is very powerful standalone software program which can convert PDF files into Microsoft documents, Text, Image or HTML format. It supports lots of languages including Arabic and Chinese as well as European Common Languages. It keeps the original copy of PDF documents. Text formating and Images in the PDF files will stay same in the Word documents. UniPDF Converter is able to convert any PDF files to either in RTF format or in Doc format. It allows adding multiple files for conversion and also supports drag and dropping operation.

Download UniPDF Converter Link

#2. SmartSoft Free PDF to Word Converter:

SmartSoft Free PDF to Word Converter 2016

SmartSoft Free PDF to Word Converter is a simple free PDF application which supports Windows OS. It can convert PDF file into Word format. It also can convert PDF files to TIFF, XLS, JPEG and HTML files. It has data protection and for pro version it provides an unconditional money back guarantee. For conversion, you just need to select the PDF files and then select the folder that you want to save the converted files. It preserves the original files. SmartSoft cann’t converts multiple files at once. Its interface is very user friendly.

Download SmartSoft Free PDF to Word Converter Link

#3. Boxoft PDF to Word:

Boxoft pdf to word 2016

Boxoft PDF to Word is a free application to convert Adobe PDF documents to Microsoft Word files. It allows multiple conversions at once time. It keeps the exact formatting of the PDF. With preserving original formatting like images, text, column, it can convert portable PDFs to editable word files. You can use it for your both personal and business purpose. Boxoft provides Hot Directory Mode help for converting PDF files to DOC file format automatically.

Download Boxoft PDF to Word Link

#4. Hello PDF:

HelloPDF free pdf to word converter 2016

Hello PDF allows you to convert your PDF files into a Word file. You just need to select the PDF documents on your hard drive and click the convert option. It is a lightweight application that can quickly converts PDF files to DOC files. It can preserve the original PDF layout. When the conversion is done, it can automatically open the output DOC file. It can convert partial pages or all the pages of PDF file to Word file. It is useful for busy person who don’t want difficult instructions. HelloPDF is one of the best and free applications for quick conversion to .DOC files.

Download Hello PDF Link

#5. Primo PDF:

Primopdf 2016

Primo PDF can convert your PDF files into Word documents. Many reputed companies like MetLife, CAT, Cisco are used Primo PDF. Primo PDF is not able to handle file conversion among myriad of formats. It is able to handle quick conversion between PDF files and DOC files.

Download Primo PDF Link

#6. PDFMate Free PDF Converter:

PDFMate Free PDF Converter 2016

PDFMate is one of the best free PDF to word converter software. It supports 6 in 1 conversion that means it can convert PDF files into 6 formats such as Word, Text, Images, SWF, HTML and EPUB file formats. This software can convert scanned PDF to editable files. To convert unlimited files to another format, it supports batch conversion. It has advanced customization for output size and direction. It has built in OCR technology for converting scanned PDF files to editable files. Its interface is very easy to use and clear program interface. The output word file keeps the original layout, images, text etc. If you are looking for simple easy-to-use software to convert your PDF documents to word documents, then go for PDFMate. PDFMate Free PDF Converter is a free to download.

Download PDFMate Free PDF Converter here

#7. Nitro PDF:

Nitro PDF 2016

Nitro PDF has a well patterned navigation toolbars that makes it easy to carry out multiple conversions at a time. It can covert Converts PDF to Word, Excel, Power Point, Jpeg, and others format. It offers spell checks in a variety of different languages. It can be used in a variety business premises. When it comes to integrating with Ms Office applications, you can easily convert files from your office applications. Nitro PDF offers advanced editing and PDF conversion options but it doesn’t allow one to embedded multimedia files on documents.

Download Nitro PDF Link

#8. PDF to Word Converter:

PDF to word converter free 2016

PDF to Word Converter is free application that allows you to convert PDF files to Word format. It can remain same the images in PDF files and maintains the formatting also. You can convert your PDF files to RTF file format or DOC format and you can also edit your word files. If you made wrong changes in the settings, by clicking Default Settings Button you can restore those wrong settings.

Download PDF to Word Converter Link

#9. Weeny Free PDF to Word Converter:

Weeny Free PDF to Word Converter 2016

Weeny Free PDF to Word Converter is a free pdf converter application for windows. You can convert your PDF files into Microsoft word file format like DOC, DOCX and RTF file format. For the converted documents, you can set the output directory. You can also convert multiple PDF files at once time. It lets you to set the page range for each file separately. If the same name file already exists, it automatically renames the output file.

Download Weeny Free PDF to Word Converter Link

#10. Flash Flipping Free PDF to Word:

Flash Flipping Free PDF to Word 2016

Flash Flipping Free PDF to Word is a best free PDF converter tool available for windows. It has 3 modes such as Batch Mode, Hot Directories Mode and Command Line Mode. Its interface is like as a wizard. It lets you to convert multiple files at once time. It keeps remain the same layouts and images used in PDF file.

Download Flash Flipping Free PDF to Word Link

There are many other PDF to Word conversion solutions. Each service helps to easily convert PDF to Word Doc files. These are the best free PDF to Word converter 2017 Software. You can try out from these one which is meet your needs. If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment in the below.

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