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Top 10 Best Free PC Optimizer Software 2020 to Speed Up Computer

Sometimes you need to clean up your PC. If you don’t clean your PC’s junk file regularly, then your computer becomes slow. To make your PC faster, you need the best free pc cleaner software.  If you need the best free PC optimizer for optimizing your PC then this article will help you a lot. There you can find the top ten best free PC optimizer of 2020 which will make it clean and speedy.

Best free Pc Optimizer 2020
Top 10 Computer Cleaner and PC Optimization Tools Free & Paid

List of  Top 10 Best Free PC Optimizer 2020:

#10. PC OptiClean:

PC OptiClean is a safe and easy PC cleanup tool. It keeps your PC at optimal peak performance. For issues, junk files, and setting optimizations, It allows you to scan and analyze your system. Also, it solves general PC problems Like errors, blue screens, sluggish behavior, and many more.

It scans and repairs your PC and makes a backup of your registry. So, that makes your startups faster. It also provides a scheduling scan. Moreover, PC Opticlean rapidly deletes temporary files and junk data and free up your valuable hard disks space.

PC OptiClean 2019

Platform Availability: Windows 10, 8,7, XP.

Price: Free. You can also buy the premium version at $29.97.

Download Here PC OptiClean from here.

#9. WinASO Registry Optimizer:

WinASO makes your computer as fast as new. Within a few seconds, its advanced scanning algorithm scans the entire registry for obsolete and invalid entries and other registry errors and listed them in scanning reports. For you, WinASO Registry Optimizer automatically fixes all of them.

Moreover, It provides various built-in tools like System Optimizer, Privacy Cleaner, Startup Manager, Registry Defrag, Uninstall Manager, IE Manager, and many more. It is simple to use. It optimizes the settings of your system and boosts your computer and improves the performance of the system.

WinASO Registry Optimizer 2019

Platform Availability: Windows 10,8,7, XP.

Price: Free. You can also buy it at $29.95.

Download HereWinASO Registry Optimizer.

#8. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2020:

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a faster, cleaner, and more reliable windows system. It can analyze the health status of hard disk drives with its maintenance feature and detect possible problems. Also, It cleans the history traces and temporary files with the internet traces cleaner.

It cleans up junk files with the drive cleaner. It also has a registry optimizer that supervises redundant registry values. Winoptimizer saves and restores all changes with Backup Manager. Moreover, it improves system performance, optimize internet connections, speed up windows startup, view and manage running process.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019

Platform Availability: Windows 7, XP.

Price: Free.

Download Ashampoo WinOptimizer from here.

#7. JetClean:

Jet Clean cleans your PC with a single click. It is lightweight and easy to use and reliable. Also, it locates and deletes error files from the recycle bin, temporary files, recent documents, clipboard, log files, DNS Cache, Memory Dumps, and jump lists. Jet Clean improves your PC performance by removing system junk files.

Moreover, It safely takes out all unused and old registry entries and reduces system errors and crashes. It also includes windows cleaner, registry cleaner, shortcuts cleaner, apps cleaner, and RAM cleaner. It makes your PC start up faster.

JetClean 2019

Platform Availability: Windows 8,7, XP.

Price: Free.

Download JetClean from here.

#6. WinUtilities:

Winutilities is an optimization suite and a multi-functional system performance for windows. By enhancing PC security, optimizing, and tweaking PC’s setting it can increase your PC’s performance. Cleaning out the wrong registry entries it makes your system more stable with its built-in registry-cleaner.

Moreover, It has a disk cleaner that allows your PC to run more quickly and removes junk and unnecessary files. It has also included some features such as recycle bin shredding, secure file deletion, scheduling, and file recovery that help you a lot.

WinUtilities 2016

Platform Availability: Windows 8,7, XP.

Price: Free.

Download WinUtilities from here.

#5. Iolo System Mechanic:

Iolo System Mechanic is not only a PC tune-up tool but also a repair tool. It has seven award-winning tools and they are registry tuner, startup optimizer, RAM leak repair, junk file cleanup, disk defragmenter, internet repair, and program link repair. You can defrag your hard drives, fix registry errors, cleans up junk files, and many more using this tools.

Moreover, it runs your PC at peak performance. Using the system mechanic’s dashboard, you can review and automatically repair any problems.

System Mechanic 2016

Platform Availability: Windows 8,7, XP.

Price: ?

Free Version Available: Free version is not available and the Free Trial version isn’t available.

Download System Mechanic from here.

#4. PC Manager:

PC Manager is a top-ranking PC Optimizer and error-resolution registry cleaner. It optimizes the system speed and fixes the computer errors. With just a few mouse clicks it can scan, clean, and fix the windows registry. To scan your hard drive, it uses the most advanced technology and gives you a comprehensive diagnosis in seconds.

Moreover, it provides privacy safeguards, startup manager, fixes PC Freezing, fixes PC errors, clean junks, internet explorer errors, and no more blue screen. It clears recent documents, recycles bin, logs files, temporary files, DNS cache, memory dumps, etc.

PC Manager 2016

New In 2019: Include antivirus and anti-malware engine to speed up your windows 10.

Platform Availability: Windows 10, Windows 8,7, XP.

Price: Free.

Download PC Manager from here.

#3. SlimCleaner:

Using a crowdsourced approach SlimCleaner lets you clean and optimize your Windows system. Based on the latest issues and threats, It optimizes, cleans, repairs, and updates your PC. Like intelligent defrag, solid-state drive optimization tool, duplicate file finder, and many more it has various features.

Moreover, SlimCleaner cleans your PC and running at peak performance. Also, it is easy to use and has a colorful tabbed interface. It allows users to adjust startups and services that influence PC performance with the world’s first cloud-based optimization engine.

SlimCleaner 2016

Platform Availability: Windows 8,7, XP.

Price: Free. You can buy SlimCleaner Plus at $29.97.

Download here.

#2. Wise Care 365:

Wise Care 365 is a PC tune-up utility. It is easy to use and has a simple interface. For optimizing and accelerating your computer, it provides a better option. To make your PC faster and protect your privacy it cleans junk files and registries from your computer.

By deleting history, cache, traces, passwords, cookies, it can protect your privacy. It has a startup manager. You can disable unnecessary programs that are running at startup with the startup manager. Moreover, it is one of the world’s fastest system optimization tool. It offers a powerful system and hardware monitoring utility.

Wise Care 365 2019

Platform Availability: Windows 10,8,7, XP.

Price: Free. You can buy Wise Care 365 Pro at $29.95.

Download here.

#1. CCleaner:

CCleaner is a free system optimizer tool that makes your PC faster and more secure and protects your privacy. It is the world’s favorite PC optimization tool that is easy to use. Moreover,  it provides one-click cleaning and optimizes your PC in seconds. It cleans up unused files and makes your PC faster.

From many popular internet browsers, it cleans traces of your internet history. CCleaner also has a registry cleaner. To make your PC stable, it clears out the clutter and errors. By letting you disable unneeded programs, CCleaner helps you get to work.

CCleaner 2016

Platform Availability: Windows 10,8,7, XP.

Price: Free. You can buy CCleaner Pro at $24.95.

Download CCleaner from here.

Final Verdict:

There are some of the best pc cleaner software review 2020 is given above. What PC Optimization tool is the best for you? You can install those best computer cleaner software 2020 for free and also a trial version. Test The Trial version for the performance of any PC tune-up program. To make your PC run faster, you need to keep your PC Virus and malware-free. So use any good antivirus or anti-malware software and one of the best free pc optimizer program to keep your PC running fast. Remember that, Junk File Clean up, Registry Cleaner, Registry Defrag, startup cleaner utilities can make your computer faster. so do it regularly when your PC becomes running slow. You can also Visit Wikipedia for PC Optimizer Wiki.

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  1. System Mechanic. Free my ass. They do a scan for free but won’t fix anything unless you upgrade. Totally misleading article. Is it the same for all the other “free” items or do I have to go through them all to find out for myself. In which case this article is a waste of time.

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