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Top 10 Best Free Password Manager 2017 For Windows, iOS, Android

If you are looking for the best free password manager 2017 software to save and protect your passwords for the various accounts in various site. Then this article is very helpful for you. Today I will tell you about the top 10 free password manager 2017 for windows, iOS, and android.

Best Free Password Manager 2017

10 Best Free Password Manager 2017 for Windows, iOS, Android:


If you want to store various passwords for various sites and easily access them then 1password is a handy solution for you. You can create folders with data storage including identity cards, credit cards, software licenses, secure notes etc and can be able to  sync them across devices.

If you have made yourself quite familiar to 1Password then Filling credentials and logging in will be a matter of single task as it offers a collection of Browser Extensions. For Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera it provides browser extensions.

Additionally, the software offers a quite handy password generator when it combine with 1Password Browser Extensions.

Password 2016

Platform Availability: iPhone/iPad, Android, windows.

Price: Completely free for iOS and Android. Also free for windows but you can get the premium version at $34.99.

Download 1Password from here.


#9. LastPass:

It is a great software and works so simply. When its installation is complete then it asks you where you want to store your passwords whenever you login to a website. And after that when you return to that site then LastPass will fill login form.

You can choose the one to login, if you have multiple accounts. You will just need the master password once you have saved all the password you need.

This free service offers fully fledged browser extensions for Mozilla, Chrome, Opera and Safari. It also provides secure notes, password generator, two-factor authentication.

LastPass 2016

Platform Availability: iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows.

Price: Free. Premium version starts from $12 for a year.

Download LastPass from here.


#8. Dashlane:

It is a perfect password manager. It encrypts stored passwords with AES-256 Level Encryption. With this free password manager, you can login automatically for your accounts.

For your favourite sites, it also provides one click password changes. It generates new strong passwords, save them to your password vault and autofill them as you browse.

For your sensitive data, it provides secure notes. With Dashlane, you can manage and use all of your passwords on any device. It provides features such as password manager, autofill, digital wallet, iron-clad security, works on all platforms.

Dashlane 2016

Platform Availability: Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android.

Price: Free. Premium version starts from $39.99 for per year.

Download Dashlane from here.


#7. Keeper:

It is one of the world’s most secure password manager and digital vault. On your iPhone, you can use your fingerprint as a master password. So with the finger touch you can easily access your passwords.

You can save and manage passwords easily for popular web browsers since browser extensions are available for them and you will just need a master password for moving.

It includes features such as built-in password generator, autofill, multi-device link. You can seamlessly sync data across all devices and all platforms. With security and confidence, it shares credentials.

Keeper 2016

Platform Availability: Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android.

Price: Free. Premium version is $29.99.

Download Keeper from here.


#6. RoboForm:

With the top rated password manager, RoboForm makes your life easier. Using it, you will never need to remember or type passwords again.

Roboform encrypt your master password and secure all of your data. It automatically offers to save your login information when you login to a website.

So you will never need to remember or type passwords again. It can fill forms fast. RoboForm identities feature help you to store your name, email, credit cards, address and other information securely.

It also provides strong password generator. To generate strong and unique passwords you can use RoboForm.

RoboForm 2016

Platform Availability: Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android.

Price: Free. Premium version is available for $9.95

Download RoboForm from here.


#5. PasswordBox:

PasswordBox is a member of intel family. It is a totally free to use password management software. It provides browser extensions for IE, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

It helps you to fill data such as address details and credit cards. It is a worth praising solution for you. It has lots of noticeable features such as password sharing, multi-device and platform syncing, integrated and effective tools for password creating, powerful security etc.

For your every online account, it helps you to create a long and strong password. To use your wallet, it provides a faster and more secure way.

PasswordBox 2016

Platform Availability: Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android.

Price: Free.

Download PasswordBox from here.


#4. Passible:

It encrypts your stored data with 256 AES Encryption Standards. Passible is only available for iOS devices. Once you enter your website’s login and credit cards, Passible makes them work in all iOS devices.

You can customize and access your logins and cards. You don’t need to remember any logins or cards again. It is fast and automated. It gives you highly security.

If your device is stolen or lost then it doesn’t allow any unauthorized person to access your data. Though it is a paid software but you can also use the trial version for free.

Passible 2016

Download Passible from here.

Platform Availability: iPhone/iPad.

Price: You can get this kit free for trial version.

#3. KeePass:

It is an OSI Certified Open Source Software. It encrypts your data with AES technology and Twofish algorithm. It provides lots of features such Strong Security, Multiple User Keys, Easy Database Transfer, Strong Random Password Generator, support of Password Groups etc.

Which are very easy to use and very helpful for the users. It’s password database consist of only one file so from one computer to another computer you can easily transfer it.

For you, it generates strong random passwords. You can create, modify, delete groups where passwords are stored.

KeePass 2016

Platform Availability: Windows.

Price: Free.

Download Keepass from here.


#2. Enpass:

By securely managing your passwords and important information, Enpass makes your life easy. In one secure place, It organises all your data and credentials.

You can get your password wherever and whenever you need them. In an only one click it autofill your login. Using open source encryption engine, it encrypts your data with AES 256-bit Encryption Standards.

With complete data security, it offers you maximum privacy. As it syncs through all major clouds, so your choice of cloud shouldn’t deter you from using Enpass. The full-featured desktop version is completely free for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Enpass 2016

Platform Availability: Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android.

Price: Free for windows. But for iOS and android it will cost $9.99 after a trial version.

Download Enpass from here.


#1. U Password Manager:

On you smartphone or any sync desktop computer you can access your websites quickly and securely with it. For unlimited websites, you can use it instead of passwords.

You will never have to enter the passwords again if you enter them within the 1U app for the websites you visit. To ensure your private life keeps private 1U uses advanced security technologies.

1U offers several levels of login security in order to ensure that your information is kept secure. By scanning your face, you can access your saved websites easily. On iPhone 6 or higher TouchID is also available.

U Password Manager 2016

Platform Availability: Windows, iPhone/iPad.

Price: Free.

Download 1U Password Manager from here.

Visit: Password Manager Wiki

There are lots of password manager in the internet, But we shows only the top 10 Best Free Password Manager 2017 for windows, android and iOS. You can use those apps without any confusion, all password keeper apps are safe to store your password, so download now and enjoy the best free password keeper app to your device and enjoy!

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