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Top 10 Best Free Online Photo Editor 2017

Every day we need to edit a photo but don’t know how to edit any photo on photo editing program like Photoshop? Without installing any photo editing program, there is a way where you can edit your photo. There are a lot of Online Photo Editors available where you can edit your photo in just few seconds and with just few mouse clicks. It saves time from the long time process of downloading software and installing it on our computer. After a long research, in below we have made a list of Top 10 Best Free Online Photo Editor.

Best Free Online Photo Editor 2017

Top 10 Best Free Online Photo Editor 2017:

#1. Pixlr:

Pixlr is a free online photo editor program which allows you to quickly and easily create a professional image by editing your photos. You can upload, open an image or create an image from a URL for editing.

Pixlr Online Photo Editor 2016

It has some new features such as gradient tool, brush tool, red eye removal tool, pencil tool, color picking tool, color adjustment tool, filter tool, layer tool and many more. It has also layer masks and several filters like Unsharp Mask, Gaussian Blur etc. You can operate Pixlr straight from your browser or desktop or mobile apps. The homepage of Pixlr lead to two separate tools, one for fixing broken photos and another for adding separate filters to photos. This is the perfect website for resizing and basic editing needs. .

Visit Pixlr Here

#2. FotoFlexer:

FotoFlexer is the best online photo editor web application. It has the ability to retouch photos, shapes, work in layers and add text. It has some advanced tools for editing your photos like red eye removal tool, auto fix tool, effect tool, cropping tool, color adjustment tool and many more.


It lets you to upload an image and apply these great editing features to edit your photos. But it has some features, before you using it you may think twice including animated shapes, funky filters and glitter text and also this site is overrun with the ads. You can add text, stickers, draw, animations, erase functions and borders to your photos for free. You can add photos from several online resources like Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, Picasa etc. There is no registration process is needed to get started and it is very easy to use.

Visit FotoFlexer Here

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#3. iPiccy:

iPiccy Online Photo Editor 2016

iPiccy is also another free online photo editor web application. You can easily edit your photos and save them onto your desktop or upload to Facebook. It allows you to upload your photos and apply some basic editing features like fix image, rotate and flip, color adjustments, cropping, drawing tools, photo sharpness, curves erase background and many more. It provides some advanced tools like retouch tools, painter

tools, frames, effects tools and texture etc. The excellent part of iPiccy is that it has a collage maker with lots of advanced shapes. It is quite lightweight web application to manage your photos on the go.

Visit iPiccy Here

#4. Befunky:

Befunky is another great photo editing tool for you if you want to add a bit of style to your photos. It lets you to make a photo collages straight from your web browser and also to edit your photos.

Befunky Online Photo Editor 2016

It has some various advanced tools including artsy tool, frames tool, graphics tool, text tool, textures tool, touch up tool, effects tool and overlay tool which able to create a great looking photo. You can add speech bubbles, graphics, accessories and various objects to your picture. You can upload your photos from your Facebook, Google drive, Flick, Photo bucket, Picasa, drop box, webcam or your computer. There is no registration process is needed to get started and it is very easy to use. But if you have a free account then you will get more benefits like you can add title and description, able to store your image in their photo library and bookmark your favorite’s effects etc. It is the great online photo editor application for creating photos with quotes.

Visit Befunky Here

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#5. Photoshop Express:

Photoshop Express Online-Photo Editor 2016

Photoshop Express is free online editing software. This site has free online galleries and links to all sharing sites like Facebook and Twitter. It allows you to perform the entire task like cropping and adjust color, adjusting exposure and many more. It has the tools to crop, resize, exposure, correct red eye and tweak colors and has also some fun graphics tools to decorate your images. It has the ability to crystallize and pixellate images by giving effects such as stained glass. For using this awesome photo editing tools, you just need to create an account at

Visit Photoshop Express

#6. Lunapic:

Lunapic Online Photo Editor 2016

Lunapic is a simple sit for online photo editor. There is a home screen with the upload box for your photo. On the left hand side of the screen, there are the tools for photo editing. You can paste photos and create slide shows. You can also retro color and reflective imagery for your photos. You can vote on pictures and use more than 200 effects on your photos. It allows you to open and edit photos from web URL. You can also drawing, adjusting and use animations on your photos.

Visit Lunapic Here

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#7. PicZap:

PicZap Online image Editor 2016

Piczap is another web based photo editing tool that provides an interface to add some funny effects onto your photos. There are 3 options of editors based on what you want to launch such as Collage, Edit and Design. Actually there is no difference in these 3 editors but selected design will let you design a new image. It has separate tabs to resize your photos and you can edit multiple photos at the same time. You can also warp your photos and add several different colored photos.

Visit PicZap Here

#8. Phixr:

Phixr Online picture Editor 2016

Phixr is a traditional photo editor. It looks to be pretty simple for photo editing. It has a nice feature to add custom text. It lets you to change the aspect ratio of the photo. It allows you to add some special affects, add text with different fonts, shapes, stickers, greetings and bubbles etc. It has a very simple homepage to get any information from it. You have to agree to terms and conditions to get any information. It has a whole variety of color effects and lighting.

Visit Phixr Here

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#9. Free Online Photo Editor:

Free-Online Photo-Editor

Free Online Photo Editor is a web based tool to manipulate and design you photos. For uploading your photos to their server, it gives you two options by entering URL or browsing your computer. It has some advanced options such as Colors, Borders, Filters, Text, Affects and Enhance. It has also some basic editing tools such as resizing, rotating, flipping and cropping. It has some enhancement tools for improving tone and colors, red eye removal and more. It allows you to add photos from URL and drag and drop photos.

Visit Free Online Photo Editor Here

#10. Online image Editor 2016

Photo is a online photo editor tool that looks very professional and modern. It allows you to upload photos from URL or from your computer. It has more than hundreds of photo effects, fonts and styles that all are available at free of cost. It offers free tutorial which can help you to understand the various features of the site. You can also use it on your Android phones.

Visit Here

Online photo editors are able to edit our various photos without installing any software on our computer. These are the best free Online Photo Editors. If you think any Online Photo Editors that is missing in the list, let us know in the comment box.

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