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5 Best Free OBJ To GCode Converter Software Step By Step Review

Here is a rundown of best free OBJ to GCode converter programming for Windows. Through these products, you can without much of a stretch perform OBJ to GCode change. This change is performed to straightforwardly bolster the GCode of an OBJ model to a 3D printer to print a physical 3D model. Aside from OBJ, these products can likewise change over models of DAE, STL, PLT, WMF, and different organizations to GCode.

Prior to beginning the change, you can modify different printer settings and indicate a few directions for the 3D printer. To remember printer guidelines for GCode, these product gives apparatuses like G-Code Constants, Step Over, Offset Direction, Feed Rate, Material Type, and so forth. From that point onward, you can begin the change procedure. To enable you to out, I have likewise included strides to change over OBJ to GCode in the depiction of every product.

These converters can likewise be utilized for survey an OBJ model as they all offer numerous review devices like zoom, dish, turn, and so on. In many converters, you additionally get many models altering instruments to adjust the local structure of the model like Filet Corners, Node Edit Mode, Join, Normal Edit Mode, Shapes, and so on. Furthermore, through a portion of these converters, you can likewise straightforwardly work a 3D printer. Experience the rundown to find out about these products.

Our 5 Best Free OBJ to GCode Converter Software list & Details Review

Best Free OBJ to GCode Converter Software

1.ReplicatorG Best Free OBJ to GCode Converter Software Review

Replicator G Review

ReplicatorG is a free open source OBJ to GCode converter programming for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Utilizing this product, you can rapidly change over models present in an OBJ document to GCode group. In it, you likewise get choices to change different printer parameters like Motor Speed, Extrude Duration, Extruder Temperature Parameters, Stepper Motor Controls, Machine Driver, XY-hub speed, Z-pivot speed, and so on. This product additionally gives propelled printer controllers through which you can give direct guidelines to a 3D printer. Another beneficial thing about this converter is its capacity to help extra 3D record organizations to be specific STL and COLLADA (DAE) document positions.

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2.Slic3r Best Free OBJ to GCode Converter Software Review

Slic3er review

Slic3r is another free open source OBJ to GCode converter programming for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Through this product, you can see, alter, and convert 3D models present in an OBJ document to GCode. Aside from OBJ, it additionally underpins 3D models of STL, AMF, 3MF, and so forth., documents. On its principle interface, you can see a model or models present in an information OBJ document. In the wake of stacking the model, you can view and make little changes in accordance with it utilizing instruments like turn, zoom, split, cut, layer tallness, and so forth. As indicated by the kind of 3D printer that you will use for the 3D printing, you can alter the printing settings and parameters like layer stature, vertical shells, crease position, speed for print moves, and so forth.


  • Turn your 3D models into G-code
  • Visual preview of toolpaths
  • Advanced configuration management
  • Custom G-code with conditional logic
  • Print spool queue (print on multiple machines simultaneously) or send to OctoPrint
  • modifiers (distinct settings on custom regions)
  • …and much more

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3.CraftWare Best Free OBJ to GCode Converter Software Review

craqft uniqe

CraftWare is the following free OBJ to GCode converter programming for Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, and iOS. It is basic and simple to utilize programming through which you can create G-code from an OBJ record. Aside from OBJ, it likewise underpins CWP, 3MF, STL, and so on., designs. It additionally gives different 3D model alteration devices (Bisect, Drop, Split. and so forth.) to make changes in accordance with an info 3D model.

This converter is additionally very useful for 3D model review as it offers some helpful survey apparatuses like move, scale, turn, and so forth. As per your needs, you can change different printer parameters before beginning the transformation like g-code header, g-code footer, directions of beginning position, measurements of the model, and so on.

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4.Ultimaker Cura Best Free OBJ to GCode Converter Software Review

Ultimaker Cura

Ultimaker Cura is one more free OBJ to GCode converter programming for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Like other comparative programming, it can likewise produce GCode for an OBJ document model. Other than OBJ, this product likewise bolsters records of configurations like STL, 3MF, OBJ, X3D, AMF, and so forth. In it, you can likewise appropriately see and investigate a model utilizing its review apparatuses like Zoom, Rotate, Scale, Move, and so on. Presently, to modify the printer parameter (print center measurements, layer stature, infill rate, and so on.) utilize its Settings tab.


3D printers that basically work

programming prepared for Industry 4.0

Material decision more than ever

Bolster committed to your prosperity

Consistent CAD combination

ntent profiles print explicit applications at the snap of a catch

Suggested profiles tried for a huge number of hours guarantee dependable outcomes

‘Custom mode’ gives more than 400 settings for granular control

Normal updates always improve highlights and printing experience​

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5.Repetier Best Free OBJ to GCode Converter Software Review


Repetier is one all the more free OBJ to GCode converter programming for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Utilizing this product, you can create GCode and furthermore legitimately control a 3D printer from its interface. Additionally, some helpful model survey, model cutting, and different printer setting changes apparatuses are likewise accessible in it. On its interface, you can likewise see a virtual printer bed alongside the model that you need to change over to GCode.

A Printer Settings board is additionally given by it utilizing which you can determine printer parameters like material sort, manual withdrawal speed, number of extruders, number of fans, greatest bed temperature, and so forth. Presently, pursue the beneath steps to perform OBJ to GCode transformation.


  1. You can access and control your printers from anywhere via a browser from any PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.
  2. Watch your printer working via webcam and create astonishing timelapse videos to share or control your prints.
  3. Drive multiple printers simultaneously.
  4. Repetier-Server runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, even on small and cheap systems like Raspberry Pi.
  5. Print without running Repetier-Host.
  6. Small Memory Requirement – Print files of any size with new file management.
  7. Price Calculation – You get the production costs before printing. We even split usage by extruder.
  8. Preview Images – Fully configurable high quality rendered images for all models for easy recognition.
  9. Heatup and Cooldown Wizard – This feature measures heating and cooling speed needed for accurate printing time prediction.
  10. Upload new printer firmware via Repetier-Server web interface – updating was never easier.

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