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5 Best Free GDS File Viewer Software Step By Step Review

Here is a rundown of best free GDS document watcher programming for Windows. GDS, GDSII, or Graphic Data System document conveys Integrated Circuit Designs alongside circuit format, layers, geometric shapes, and so forth. To see the coordinated circuit model or format present in a GDS record, you need these GDS document watcher programming. In the vast majority of these product, you can’t just view the format of an IC model yet in addition the individual layers of the model. To show singular layers, these watchers give Layers Panel or Layer Manager include that likewise enables you to see/shroud any layer that you need. Other than this, you likewise get all standard review apparatuses in these product like zoom, zoom fit all, container, pivot, and so on.

In a portion of these GDS document watchers, you likewise get apparatuses to alter an IC model. A portion of the significant altering devices which you get in these watchers are blend layers, include shapes, edge requirements, matrix, stretch, move, and alter subcell. Through certain watchers, you can likewise change over a GDS document to various configurations like DXF, DC2, LEC, DNS, and so on. A decent arrangement of information record designs that convey an incorporated circuit format is additionally bolstered by most watchers, as PCB, DXF, OAS, SVG, DWG, and so forth.

Other than different survey and altering apparatuses, you can likewise locate some helpful extra instruments in these product like Macros Recording, Barcode Adder, Bookmark View, Measurement Tools, and so forth. Experience the rundown to find out about these product.

Our 5 Best Free GDS File Viewer Software List & Details Review

Best Free GDS File Viewer

1.KLayout  Best Free GDS File Viewer Software


KLayout is a free open source GDS document watcher programming for Windows, Linux, macOS, and OpenSuSE. It is a devoted GDS and OASIS document watcher programming in which you can intently see and break down IC models, layers, geometric shapes, and so on., contained by a GDS record. Other than GDS and OASIS, it underpins a couple of other record designs to be specific DXF, PCB, and CIF.

To see GDS document models, it offers various propelled seeing capacities like overlay abilities, adaptable layer design, layers, zoom modes, and so on. A lot of valuable model altering apparatuses are likewise given by it through which you can make a few changes in accordance with IC model structure. A portion of the altering instruments which it offers are shape, edge limitations, matrix, stretch, move, alter subcell, cut, corner adjusting, estimating, arrangement, layer tasks, and then some. Presently, we should investigate a portion of the significant highlights of this product.

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2.Design Editor Best Free GDS File Viewer Software

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Design Editor is a free GDS document watcher programming for Windows. Utilizing this product, you can see and alter coordinated circuit structures contained by a GDS, DXF, OAS, SVG, DWG, GER, and so on., documents. To see the IC model, you can utilize its survey devices like Zoom, Zoom Fit All, Layers (to see a particular layer or a mix of layers on the double), Displayed Cell, and so forth. To perform altering, you get a committed Draw segment in it through which you can draw shapes (box, polygon, cell, and so forth.), include message over IC circuit, combine layers, and perform different change undertakings (pivot, move, reflect, and so forth.) over the IC model. Aside from review and altering an IC model, you can likewise change its organization as this GDS watcher underpins various yield groups like DXF, OAS, DC2, LEC, DNS, and the sky is the limit from there.

Principle Features:

Principle Viewer: On its interface, you get an enormous review zone on which you can see coordinated circuit models when you load a GDS record. Additionally, all fundamental survey instruments are likewise present directly over the review zone which you can without much of a stretch access.

Layer Panel: In the left piece of the interface, you get a Layer board, on which you can see every one of the layers present in an information IC model in one of a kind hues. Utilizing it, you can without much of a stretch change the situation of layers and furthermore empower or cripple layers as you need.

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3.Best Free GDS File Viewer Software OwlVision GDSII Viewer


OwlVision GDSII Viewer is another free open source GDS document watcher programming for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is a Java-based GDS watcher, in this manner you have to have Java introduced to your framework to run it. This product accompanies a quite essential interface on which you get an IC model survey zone alongside different side boards comprising of different review apparatuses. Be that as it may, in contrast to other comparable programming, it doesn’t give GDS model altering devices.

This product additionally bolsters SF, STR, and DB document positions.

Fundamental Features:

Design View: It is the principle model survey region in which you can see the IC model format. In addition, fundamental survey apparatuses like show all, zoom in, zoom territory, cell (to see distinctive cell zones), and so on., are likewise present in it.

Layer: It is a board that shows IC model layers in various hues. It additionally lets you change the shades of layers. A showcase apparatus is additionally present in it through which you can stow away or show a particular layer.

Cell Hierarchy: Using it, you can see various degrees of the cell pecking order.

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4. Dell Best Free GDS File Viewer Software

layout editor

Dell is a free IC format editorial manager programming that can likewise be utilized as the GDS record watcher programming. It takes a shot at Windows, Linux, and macOS. Aside from the GDS document, this product can likewise be utilized to see IC schematics contained by LEF, DEF, OASIS, DXF, CDL, and so forth., records. As it is fundamentally an IC format altering programming, therefore it offers numerous altering apparatuses like stretch, reshape, crop, consolidate, adjust, make name, make way, make polygon, and so on. Alongside altering devices, this product additionally contain some helpful review devices which give a good IC model survey condition. We should investigate significant review apparatuses and highlights of this product.

Primary Features:

Format Area: around there, you can see an IC model design utilizing standard review instruments like zoom, move, pivot, skillet, and so forth.

Layers: It is another significant GDS model review device through which you can view and shroud a particular layer of an IC model.

Show Options: Using it, you can appear/conceal objects (tomahawks, names, and tracks), show way, show network, snap lattice, and the sky is the limit from there.

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5.GDS3D Best Free GDS File Viewer Software GDS3D


GDS3D is one more free open source and convenient GDS document watcher programming for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is an essential GDS watcher programming in which you can simply load and view an IC schematics of a GDS document. Like other comparable programming, it doesn’t offer even the fundamental survey apparatuses like zoom, container, move, and so forth. The way toward stacking a GDS record is likewise marginally complex in it as you have to initially glue a GDS document in the gds envelope of this product. From that point forward, you have to supplant the default name of the GDS record with the name ‘model’. Presently, you can see the info GDS document model by running the RunWin32 order content present on its primary organizer.

Primary Features:

Watcher: As soon as you run the RunWin32 order content, this watcher will open up and shows the IC circuit model with every one of its hues speaking to various layers of the IC model.

Layer View: By utilizing the Ctrl+Scroll mix, you can see various layers of the info GDS document model.

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