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Top 10 Best Free Firewall Software 2020 for Windows

Firewall is the network security system which controls incoming and outgoing traffic. It is monitor the traffic in your network. It is mainly established a wall between trusted secure internal network and the internet.

It is mainly of two types such as Network Firewall to run on general purpose hardware and Hardware Based Firewall to filter the traffic between two or more networks.  There is lots of free firewall software available but it’s hard to decide which one is the best. After a long research, we have made a list of Top 5 Best Free Firewall Software 2020.

Top 10 Best Free Firewall Software 2020 for Windows/Mac PC

Best Free Firewall Software

#1. Zone Alarm Free Firewall:

Zone Alarm Free Firewall 2016

Zone Alarm Free Firewall is one of most popular firewall software which has two firewall systems. It keeps tracks of incoming and outgoing traffic to protect users from intruders and hackers. It stops hackers attempting to steal computer security and blocks most of the viruses which antivirus misses.

It has 3 protections level such as Low protection, Medium protection and High level protections. It also provides download protection and restriction for personal information as well as browsing data on a network level. Zone Alarm is able to identify malicious applications because it continuously checks connections in real time against a database of millions of users. It is equipped with online backup, anti-phishing protection and identity protection. It is very easy to use and lightweight application.

Platform Availability: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Price: Free

More Information and Trial Version: Zone Alarm Free Firewall

#2. Comodo Firewall:

Comodo Firewall 2016

Comodo protects your computer from hackers and also intruders by blocking the suspicious traffic. It defines a new trusted or blocked application, configure various options and create a set of global rules. While scanning is uses very less CPU and memory resources. If a malware become active on your system, it has the ability to lock down few specific files and registry keys. It has many advanced features to keep your computer safe and keep secure from any online attack.

This program offers 2 million PC applications to safely launch programs. By using Default Deny Protection (DDP), you can control which applications run on your computer. It has very strong network defense and active defense against harmful assaults. It also has “Memory Firewall” to restrict the manner obscure applications.  It is very useful for both heavy use and light use users.

Platform Availability: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Price: Free

More Information and Trial Version: Comodo Firewall

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#3. Online Armor Free Firewall:

Online Armor Free Firewall 2016

Online Armor Free Firewall is one of the powerful programs which protect your computer from malware, spyware and phishing attacks. It stops malicious programs invading into your computer, prevents hackers from accessing your computer, protects you during your online banking and transactions, safeguards your identity and stop sending your data over the internet.

It can block the traffic for some specific country and blocks the hackers to access your computer. It has lots of configuration options like Advanced Mode. This program provides real time protection, so it evaluates each program as it runs. It protects online banking and others transactions online. It provides great level of protection to make extremely hard for malware to infect. It doesn’t slow down your PC and is very easy to install.

Platform Availability: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Price: Free

More Information and Trial Version: Online Armor Free Firewall

#4. Private Firewall:

Private Firewall 2016

Private Firewall supports advanced packet filtering which monitors all of the communication between your PC and internet connection as well as it blocks the unauthorized traffic. When browsing online to avoid the intruders, you can keep your PC invisible. You can add extra measures for your system. It blocks the access to the web pages that are found on the blacklist.

It will display an alert for every detected program and lets you to block the corresponding process.
Private Firewall provides extensive process and application security against all viruses, malware and spyware. It has proactive multi-layer security solution with standard firewall protection and behavior blocking technology. There is a Training Mode that allows all actions within a 180-second interval. It is very easy to install and has user friendly interface.

Platform Availability: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Price: Free

More Information and Trial Version: Private Firewall

#5. Ashampoo Firewall:

Ashampoo Firewall 2016

Ashampoo is free firewall software which monitors the system processes for malicious and dangerous programs. Internet Cleaner protects your online privacy. You can block all the connection with just few clicks. It continuously monitors LAN connections so it identifies the suspicious activity in your network. When an application attempts to connect to the internet and it always asks if user wants to allow this action.

Platform Availability: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Price: Free

More Information and Trial Version: Ashampoo Firewall

If you use Internet in your PC, your computer is always at stack of getting virus infection. Firewall monitors your connections between your PC and the internet to prevent all intrusions and attacks. These are the best free firewall software in the industry. If you have any question or suggestion or any problem about any Best Free Firewall 2017 applications, feel free to comment below.

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