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5 Best Free Alarm Clock Software 2020

If you are a busy man and wanted to wake up from sleep, alarm clock program is your best solution. In these days, people use alarm clock on their PC to maintain work schedule and complete the entire task on accurate time. On the internet, there is lots of alarm clock software available but most of the software doesn’t wake your computer from hibernation or standby.

After a long research, we have made a list of top 5 best free alarm clock software for windows. Theses best alarm clock software are completely free and let you set alarm for any specific time easily.

Top 5 Best Free Alarm Clock Software for Windows 2020:

Best Free Alarm Clock Software

#1. Free Alarm Clock:

Free Alarm Clock 2016


Free Alarm Clock is a portable version. It has a clean and simple user interface. You can set alarm for full week for any particular time and also it lets you to set unlimited number of alarms. It has very useful functions like repeat alarm, snooze, turn on monitor power and wake up the computer from a sleep mode and adjustable volume.

You can set any of your favorite audio files as an alarm tones and also set alarm message too. You just need to download the zip file, extract it to any folder and run it without any installation process. In Data.ini folder all your settings are saved.

Download Free Alarm Clock Link

#2. WakeupOnStandby:

Wakeuponstanby Alarm clock 2016


WakeupOnStandby is small, fast and portable free alarm clock software. It runs as a standalone program on any computer devices. It can wake up your computer from hibernation or standby. By using multiple instances, you can set alarm for different time schedule. It has a great combination with another free tool called Toff that puts your system to sleep. You can set internet radio or any mp3 files as an alarm clock. But it has no snooze option.

Download WakeupOnStandby Link

#3. Alarm Clock of Justice:

Alarm Clock of Justice 2016


Alarm Clock of Justice is free alarm clock software that can wake your computer from hibernation. It runs as a standalone program on any computer devices. It has a standard activated and volume level control. It has also a customizable snooze. It has a messy interface and it is not support for multiple instances.
Download Alarm Clock of Justice Link

#4. Desktop Alarm Clock:

Desktop Alarm Clock 2016

Desktop Alarm Clock is free alarm clock software to set alarm for you Windows PC. It is very easy to use and has very simple user interface. By clicking Set button on the program interface, you can set the alarm for any time. By clicking at Alarm button, you can enable/disable it at any time. By clicking Hide button, you can hide it because it remains on the top of other application. It is compatible with all versions of Windows.

Download Desktop Alarm Clock Link

#5. Cool Timer:

Cool Timer Alarm clock 2016

Cool timer is one of the coolest alarm clocks software. It is a simple and straightforward tool and has customizable interface. It offers countdown and stopwatch functions and fully searchable help file for guidance. You can set any MP3, WAV and MIDI sound file as an alarm tones.

It displays your purpose of setting the timer by using scrolling message option. The con of Cool Timer is tries to install Bing toolbar without any permission. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows 7 versions.

Download Cool timer Link

If you are searching for appropriate alarm clock software for your Windows Computer then I suggest you to use any one of the above Free Alarm Clock software. You can set alarm at specified time and also can set alarm for once, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Choose any one of the best alarm Clock program from above list to set your daily alarm as you like.If you have any questions, please comment in below.

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