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5 Best free AFP viewer A to z Review with Download Link

Here is a rundown of best free AFP watcher programming for Windows. AFP or Advanced Function Presentation is a raster record that conveys introduction information. This arrangement enables its clients to control organizing, printed report design, archive ordering, and so on. Fundamentally, this configuration gives propelled designing and ordering capacity, in contrast to other comparative organizations.

In any case, there are not many free programming that let you see AFP archives. To enable you to out, I have made this rundown of free AFP watcher programming. Through these product, you can without much of a stretch view the substance of an AFP record.


These AFP watchers offer different archive seeing devices to see an AFP record like Zoom In, Zoom Out, Scale, Rotate, Viewing Modes, and so forth. In certain watchers, you additionally get the multi-tab interface that enables you to open numerous AFP archives one after another. As every AFP record contains different components, in this way to feature them, some AFP watchers offer featuring shading apparatuses.

You can likewise utilize featuring shading instruments to physically dole out hues to various components of an AFP record. These product additionally support multi-page AFP archives. Besides, devices to explore crosswise over pages are likewise given by these watchers like Page Navigation Buttons, Go to, and so forth.


Other than AFP, a few watchers likewise bolster archives of PCL, SPL, OLY, and PDG designs. In the wake of review AFP and other supporting archives, you can without much of a stretch print them through these product. In any case, in one programming, you can spare AFP records in picture designs like GIF, TIFF, JPG, PCX, and so forth. These watchers likewise offer some extra apparatuses which may prove to be useful like AFP Validation, Page Properties, Edit, and so forth. Experience the rundown to find out about these watchers.


Here is our 5 Best free AFP viewer software details Review and list

Best free AFP viewer


  1. Papyrus AFP Viewer Software Review


Papyrus AFP Viewer is a free AFP watcher programming for Windows. It is a committed AFP watcher programming in which you can open different AFP records in its multi-tab interface. The beneficial thing about this product is its capacity to help huge AFP records with numerous pages.

Furthermore, its page route apparatuses make it simple to explore over numerous pages of an AFP record. In the wake of survey AFP reports, you can utilize its Print highlight to legitimately print AFP records or spare them in PDF group. Presently, we should investigate a portion of the fundamental highlights of this AFP watcher.



  1. View AFP documents in record framework or on the Web
  2. View any AFP record with .afp document expansion or any AFP record on the Web with ‘application/afp’ MIME type
  3. View AFP records with inserted PDF pages
  4. Print AFP records to any Windows printer
  5. Append electronic notes and remarks – supposed Stickers – to AFP reports
  6. Quest and channel for filed records in enormous AFP documents
  7. Full content and customary articulation search
  8. Show rundown of assets utilized in a report


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2.AFPviewer Software Review



AFPviewer is another free AFP watcher programming for Windows. It is additionally a versatile programming that you can use in a hurry without really introducing it to your framework. In this watcher, you can see AFP, PCL, and SPL records. Furthermore, many record seeing apparatuses are likewise given in it. Other than this, it likewise lets you roll out minor improvements to AFP archives. How about we investigate a portion of the principle highlights of this product.



  1. View: It is a tab that offers different review instruments like Zoom, Fit In Window, Grid (to see an AFP report with the additional matrix), Colors (to see various components of a record in various hues), Rotate (to change the direction of the archive), and so forth.
  2. Slideshow: Using this component, you can see every one of the pages of an AFP archive as a slideshow.
  3. Page Navigation Buttons: Using route catches, you can physically explore over the AFP archive pages.
  4. dit: It is a tab that gives different instruments through which you can duplicate content, duplicate AFP record pictures, separate content utilizing OCR strategies, and discover any content or expression that you need.
  5. Page Properties: According to its name, it shows different properties of an AFP report page like its DPI, Size, Page Offset, Page Load Time, and so forth.


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3.IBM AFP Workbench Viewer Software Review


BM AFP Workbench Viewer is one more free AFP watcher programming for Windows. It is a basic AFP watcher programming in which you can load and view each AFP record in turn. For review an AFP report, it offers all standard survey devices. Other than AFP record seeing, it is likewise utilized for printing purposes. Furthermore, some propelled printing choices to be specific make overlay and page fragment for printing are likewise given by it.



  1. View: To see an AFP report, this product offers different review instruments like Page Rotation, Zoom, Center View, Home View, Reset View, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  2. Page Navigation Buttons: For the situation of a multi-page AFP archive, you can utilize page route catches to move starting with one page then onto the next page.
  3. Search: It offers different record looking through instruments utilizing which you can look through content, expressions, and pages of the report.
  4. Notes: With its assistance, you can make notes and spare it with an AFP record.
  5. Alter: It enables you to choose and duplicate Text and Bitmap pictures from an AFP archive.

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4.. BTB AFP Browser software Review


BTB AFP Browser is the following free AFP watcher programming for Windows. Utilizing this product, you can view, print, and convert AFP records. Other than AFP, it can likewise be utilized to see OLY and PSG reports. This watcher pursues the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) reasoning, therefore it shows similar information that you get as the yield of a printer. Presently, look at the principle highlights of this AFP document watcher.



  1. View Tab: It contains all basic AFP record seeing apparatuses, for example, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Next Page, Previous Page, Rotate Document, Fit In Width, and so forth.
  2. List: In it, you can see the record or primary headings of an AFP report. It likewise encourages you rapidly reach to the substance of a chose heading.
  3. Page Panel: It contains page numbers through which you can rapidly hop to a particular page of the record.
  4. Fare: With its utilization, you can without much of a stretch believer an AFP record to GIF, TIFF, JPG, PCX, DCX, TGA, and so on., positions.
  5. Discover: Using this instrument, you can discover standard content, case touchy content, and expressions from an AFP archive.

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  1. RICOH AFP Plugin Viewer Software Review


RICOH AFP Plugin Viewer is a free AFP watcher module for Windows. This module enables you to see AFP reports in the Internet Explorer program. You simply need to move an AFP record to the Internet Explorer’s interface to see it.

Not simply it shows the substance of an AFP record, yet it additionally includes a different toolbar in the Internet Explorer program that contains different survey apparatuses. Look at a portion of the primary highlights of this module.


  1. Survey Tools: To appropriately see an AFP report, it gives seeing devices like Zoom, Page Navigation Buttons, Go (to straightforwardly bounce to a particular page), Icons (view or shroud logos present in an AFP record), and so on.
  2. Flip and Rotate: Using these apparatuses, you can undoubtedly change the direction of a page.
  3. Multi-Tab Support: It enables you to load and view various AFP records in various tabs of the Internet Explorer.


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