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Backup4all 5 Product Key Free Full Activation Download 1 Year

Backup4all is an award winning software which helps us to back our personal files and folders easily and prevent them from losing. Today I’ll tell you about the features and benefits of Backup4all lite 5. You can also learn how to get Backup4all 5 Product Key or Activation key with free full version download from here.

Backup4all 5 Product Key

Every day we store various type of important and non-important data in our pc hard disk. We can use them whenever we want. We can also delete them from our pc at any time. But, if we delete or loss any important data, it is difficult to recover them. But if we keep a backup of our important data and files we can prevent them from losing.

Backing up data is a difficult process. But we can back up our data easily if we use any software. Backup4all lite 5 is the most significant data backup software. You can backup and store your files and folders with this software.

Features and benefits of Backup4all lite 5.

  • It is a lightweight and easy to use software. It’s easy to use graphical interface helps you to use all of its functions easily.
  • You can backup both lock and open files with this software. You can back up your E-mails and settings without closing Microsoft outlook and all other E-mail clients.
  • Its powerful filter engine helps you to filter files and folders by various attribute.
  • You can schedule your back up time with the Built in scheduler.
  • You can manage multiple backups in a single time.
  • You can pause, resume and stop the backup service whenever you want.
  • Automatic update helps you to update the software automatically.
  • This software provides a backup catalog file. You can get the list of back up files from the catalog.
  • You can see statistics about backup process.
  • You can select your files and folders for backup easily.
  • Zip files which are less than 2 GB, you can back up them using this software.
  • You can work with command line.
  • You can restore backed up data easily whenever you want.
  • You can back up data from local and network drive, DVD, removable device (USB, Flash drive).
  • Compatible with current versions of windows.
  • Need 50 MB free disk space.

How to Download Backup4all 5 Activation Key Free Full Version Product Key for 1 Year?

This significant software costs 19.99$ to purchase with 1-year registration key. But you can purchase this software without any cost. There is an offer for you. To get this software with free registration key, just follow the steps bellow.

1st step: Visit the following link:

Now, enter your full name, provide your E-mail address twice and click on the get free key button.

2nd step: Within a few minute, you’ll get an E-mail with free registration key.

3rd step: Now install the latest version of backup4all lite from the link bellow:

4th step: Now, install the software in your pc.

5th step: Now open the software and use the registration code to activate the software.

6th step: You are activated for 1-year, enjoy.

Remember, this is a limited time offer, it can expire any time. But it is still working. You can try the offer.

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