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Avast Internet Security 2016 License Key File Free Download

Today I’ll tell you about how to get  Avast Internet Security 2016 Key File Free Download with 180 days free license key. Avast internet security 2016 is significant internet security and antivirus software.  Avast is a Czech company which founded in 1988 at Prague. It’s a leading antivirus software over world. About 233 million people use Avast worldwide. It is strong and powerful internet security and antivirus software which protects user against any kind of threats and keeps your desktop and mobile device secure.

Avast Internet Security 2016 Key

Features and Benefits of Avast internet security 2016 Key:

Avast Internet Security 2016

No viruses and threat scan get away from Avast internet security. It’s Intelligent and antivirus & anti malware system detects any kind of threats like Trojan, Malware, Adware, Viruses etc. So no threats can infect your pc.

Its home network security keeps your home network safe and risk free.

Its Browser cleanup tool helps you to clear your browser from annoying add-ons. So, you can make your browser clean and fast using this tool.

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It protects your password and login attempt from theft or hacking. Its secure line VPN takes care of your privacy. Now, online shopping and banking is more safe with Avast internet security.

Its personal firewall is very strong. It works from background and keep you safe from hijacking and hacking.

Its significant web shield provides safe browsing. It scans every links when you visit them. If it finds any risk it informs you immediately. So you can block them and keep your pc safe from any kind of threat.

Anti-spam technology provides you spam and junk free E-mail inbox.  The Mail shield protects against risky E-mail and attachment.

Software updater tool helps you to update your installed application easily. This tool provides a list of applications which can be updated. Avast can automatically update them. Or you can update them manually. So, you can keep your installed applications up to date.

When you trying to open any file or application. Avast scans it automatically. If it finds any threat it blocks it automatically.

Avastrescure disk helps you to cure your pc from serious infection.

You can open applications in sandbox so that they can’t do any harm to your pc. You can also browse internet from sandbox so that you can keep your browsing secure.

You can access your own your pc from anywhere using Avast remote assistance. You can also access your friends’ pc remotely if they’re using Avast and give you permission.

It protects your router from DNS hacking. So, you can use your router without hacking. No intruders can access your network by hacking.

Avast Internet Security 2016 Free

How to Get Avast Internet Security 2016 License Key or License File Download for Free?

Avast Internet security 2016’s regular cost is 49.99$. But its current promotional price is 39.99$ for 1 PC with 1 year license.

Don’t worry. You can still purchase it. There is an offer for you. You can purchase this significant software with 180 days license key totally free. Visit the links given to bellow download the software quickly to purchase it:

The file will download as a zip file. Extract it and run the online installer to run the Avast Internet Security 2016 software. Install it as 30 days trial. After successful installation it’ll automatically activate for 180 days.

Remember, this is a limited time offer and only for new users.

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